Drugo is an awarded stop-motion animation, made for the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Through a narrative of fairy-tale, proposes a didactic way the debate about drug use and its consequences for society. Conception is from Marcello Serpa, partner AlmapBBDO, and the production of Vetor Zero / Lobo. The production got more than six months of work, with scenarios and characters assembled by hand, and animation at 24 frames per second. I worked in the assembly of the characters, it was an amazing experience! Many thanks to Zero Vector and the awesome team for the opportunity!

Cannes Lions 2015 – Gold Award (animation category)
London International Award (LIA) 2015 – Gold Award
El Ojo 2015 (four awards)
IF Design Awards
One Show
New York Film Festival
Anima Mundi

Agency: Almap BBDO • Director: Gabriel Nóbrega • Executive Producers: Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles, André Rosa • Production Designer / Assistant Director: Diego Coutinho • Sound Design: Raw Audio • Account Services: Roberta Reigado, Thaís Lopes • Producer: Daniel Greco; Eveline Weigel • Director of Photography: Alexandre Elaiuy • Storyboard: Ivan Freire • Concept Artists: Marcelo Souto, Fernando Henrique Cintra, Ivan Freire, Marcos Llussá, Michel Venus • Lead Character Designer: Bruno Henrique da Costa • Color Key: Rafael Nascimento • Art Assistants: Diogo Ladeira, Heitor Reis, Guilherme Carneiro, Pedro Jones, Vitor Nakamura, Aline Sanches • Head of Scenic Art: Fabiana Fukui • Set / Puppet Construction Artists: Cintia Bertaccini, Carmem Guerra, Ligia Jeon, Larissa Ribeiro, Borys Duque • Animation Director: D. Lee Peffer II • Lead Animator: Thiago Calçado • Additional Animation: Sérgio Castro, Fabio Yamaji, Fabiana Fukui • 2D Animation: Paulo Pássaro • Digital Compositing: Lucas Barreto, Diego Coutinho, Cristian Cunha, Eduardo Teixeira, Francisco Beraldo • Rotoscope artist: Gassan Abdouni • Production Manager: Fernando Lopes • Production Assistants: Julia Poci • Gaffer: Hugo Nyerges • Electrician: Fernando Caffé • Caterer: Leonides Teodoro • Intern: Demétrio Abrahão • IT: Thiago Herrero, Cadu Pennachin,Weslley Oliveira • Original Score: Raw Audio • Maestro: Hilton Raw • Music production: Hilton Raw, Fernando Forni • Music executive: Pity Lieutaud, Robério Barbosa • Sound design: Raw Audio

January 10, 2019