Commissioned by Google Creative Labs, this stopmotion animation was created for online use on the Project Bloks website to illustrate the functionality of Project Blocks.

Project Bloks has emerged from a research discipline called “tangible programming” that has been around since the 1970s, aiming to make code physical so that more people – children included – can get to grips with it.

Using a multi plain animation technique we could slide
the objects in different levels creating a very smooth
and tactile feel.

For more details read this article by The Guardian.

Production Company: Film Club Productions
Directed by: Saulo Jamariqueli, Jaime Kiss
Producer: Sue Loughlin, Callum Reid
Director Of Photography: Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Animation: Anthony Farquhar-Smith, Jess Deacon
Art Department: Jess Deacon, Cintia Bertaccini
3D visualisations: Saulo Jamariquelli
Post Production: Saulo Jamariquelli
Color Grading: Danny Atkinson

September 17, 2016